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Our events are crafted to unite the community, fostering celebration, learning, and shared aspirations


Lifestyle Holiday

Koh Samui, June 2024

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Travel the world with Vyvo SocialFi and create lifetime connections and unforgettable memories! These luxe experiences are one of a kind, and one of the many ways Vyvo recognizes your diligent community-building efforts and achievements. You deserve the best, including opportunities to schmooze with the Founders, corporate executives, and fellow Influencers.
It’s the biggest event of the year! Vyvo Generation Members from around the world are invited to this thrilling annual conference that's all about innovation, motivation, and celebration! Dive into the epicentre of innovation with our top-notch executives and fellow Future Makers. Unite, create, and elevate our community to unprecedented heights.

Join us for an enriching gathering of Vyvo SocialFi Influencers, aimed at honing your strategies to effectively amplify your community growth and success. Frequently the launchpad for exciting new products and promotional kick-offs, this event is also our platform to honor and recognize our exceptional community Members. This is your key to an engaging, productive, and rewarding Vyvo journey.

The Future Makers Council brings together corporate leadership, Vyvo SocialFi Ambassadors, and select community leaders from around the globe. This Council is a forum for these visionaries to discuss the bold, shared vision we are building, and how we can jointly leverage the SocialFi Web3 Ecosystem to maximize what we can achieve together.


This event is expertly crafted to elevate your business. Dive into comprehensive training sessions across a diverse range of topics, and emerge with a clear roadmap for sustained growth and rank advancement.
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The ultimate gathering of Ambassador Influencers and the peak travel experience with Vyvo SocialFi. Qualifiers can expect exceptional pampering and a memorable time with Executives and fellow Future Makers.
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The most luxurious Vyvo SocialFi dinner and Influencer celebration of the year, with special recognition across a dozen compelling categories. This is a night for Future Makers to shine like the stars they are!