This event is expertly crafted to elevate your business. Dive into comprehensive training sessions across a diverse range of topics, and emerge with a clear roadmap for sustained growth and rank advancement.

Qualification Requirement

You need to reach at least Premier Influencer 1 Star rank or higher
in the qualification period and you are IN!**

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Okinawa Premier Workshop November 2024 post preview

Okinawa, November 24th

Achieve Premier Influencer 1 Star to be eligible for an invitation. Benefit from this focused training and all the ways it can help you achieve greater success within Vyvo SocialFi.

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Malaysia, May 30th A passionate group of Influencers eager to put Malaysia on the Vyvo SocialFi map enjoyed the in-depth training of a Premier Workshop in Kuala Lumpur. This vision-setting gathering will help all who attended accelerate to higher levels of success.

Hundreds of Influencers in Taiwan gathered in Taipei for this super exciting Premier workshop. They received detailed training on the Vyvo SocialFi business model, gained valuable insights, and relished the networking opportunities. It was a highly successful event for all who participated.

Vyvo Influencers who reached the Premier and above levels had a blast at the first-ever Premier Workshop! Filled with cutting-edge insights and vibrant discussions, it was a game-changer that left everyone pumped up and ready to conquer and share our mission loud and proud!

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