Experience the Prestige Club, where Ambassador Influencers gather for the ultimate travel adventure with Vyvo. Qualifiers can anticipate exceptional pampering and unforgettable moments alongside Executives and Future Makers.

Membership includes an exclusive annual luxury meeting at the highest level.
Enjoy unparalleled pampering and deluxe comfort while engaging in high-level conversations on community building, legacy creation, and empowering your community to thrive.
As a club member, you’re also included in the 未來先鋒委員會. Comprised of Executives and leading Members at the Ambassador Influencer rank, the Council enjoys a close-up look at upcoming Vyvo plans and strategies to help accelerate their success upon launch.
Achieve the rank of Ambassador Influencer 1 Star to join the Council.

Club benefits offer once-in-a-lifetime perks reserved for our highest achieving Members.

All Prestige Club Events

January 25th to 28th, 2024
The ultimate gathering of Ambassador Influencers and the peak travel experience with Vyvo SocialFi.