Premier Workshop


Japan Flag

November 24th, 2024

Okinawa Convention Center

Okinawa Convention Center

The Premier Workshop in Okinawa is the perfect warm-up for the
Vyvo International Convention 2024.

Qualification Requirement

Vyvo Influencers from all markets who achieve or re-confirm Premier Influencer 1 Star**

will receive an invitation to attend.

As with previous Premier Workshops, this is a hands-on, insightful training event geared to help emerging leaders further accelerate their business.
You’ll leave this event with a clear vision of what you need to do for even greater success.

Qualification Period

Tuesday, July 2, to Monday, November 18

*No matter what your best rank has been in the past, for this qualification period, you need to reach at least the Premier 1 Star Rank.
**Attendance is dedicated solely to the Member/Co-Owner who achieves the qualification and is non-transferable.