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Drive Community Success in Style Get Behind the Wheel of Your Dream Car!

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Buckle up!

Vyvo Influencers in Taiwan and Japan who accumulate

in payable $USDV
by Dec. 31, 2024,
will qualify for a supercar*!

If that doesn't get your motor running, maybe this will

Vyvo Influencers who go the extra mile and accumulate

in payable $USDV
by Dec. 31, 2024,
will qualify for a hypercar*!

Race to victory with a supercar in your sights!

Experience the thrill of a first-time opportunity with Vyvo SocialFi—secure the keys to your very own dream car. Step into the driver's seat and elevate your lifestyle with our exclusive luxury car promo!

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Chase the checkered flag to luxury!
This promotion begins Tuesday, July 2, and ends Tuesday, Dec. 31**.
Make every day count!

*The images shown are for illustration purposes only and may not reflect the exact model or features of the actual car prizes. Alternative promotion offerings for markets other than Taiwan and Japan will be announced at a later date. All aspects of this promotion, including prize details, are subject to change without notice based on availability and other factors.

** Based on 11:59 p.m. Singapore Standard Time